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Eurogamer Rezzed #EGX (Part 1)

posted 3 Apr 2014, 08:59 by Daniel Woods
Hi guys and girls,

The rumours of my demise are greatly exaggerated-which got in the way of content, but we have WildStar to tie things over!

Last weekend I went to the Eurogamer Rezzed Expo, on a Sunday, where all the Dev's where tired and the crowds had dwindled.  Even so, the Dev's still  mustered plenty enthusiasm and it meant it was easier for me to get around and play some new games.

This is the second time I've been to a show of this kind, so I was fully prepared by taking a picture of the show floor with my #PhoneCam.  But I had to get to Birmingham, find parking and get to the event first!  Two and a half hours drive later, from Norwich, I arrived at the NEC arena and made my way to the Car Park.  Not knowing where to go and not clever enough to jump on the free bus transportation system, I followed a couple of guys who then asked me where #EGX was.  After initially walking in the wrong direction we finally got there!

EGX Entrance
Picking up my Early Access pass and having one of the very nice guys attach the wrist band to my arm, I noticed a queue for a Razer bus.  Joining the queue out of curiosity, no-one knew what it was for. 

In the distance, Scorpion could be seen taking up GAME's discount of £20 off the RRP for an Xbox One.  He contained his enthusiasm quite well at the chance to snatch one.  After a 10 minute wait, we boarded the bus.  First stop, a choice of Trials Fusion, Call of Duty Zombies, or FIFA.  I went with trials-and I enjoyed it.  It was the Beta version that some lucky people have already tried, with about a dozen levels to try out.  With the limited time available I was able to try out just a couple of tracks, but had fun trying not to face plant my rider in to the dirt after every jump and bump.

Ushered up to the top floor, our final stop was some FPS multi-player with Shoot Mania.  I was not very impressed with it.  The first round involved both teams against each other.  I managed to fall outside of the main Castle border in to a moat.  I spent the remainder of the match attempting to swim my way back inside.  We lost.  Then we played again, this time 3 against 1.  The enemy could take 3 hits before he was downed while we could only take a single hit.  That meant that 2 people out of 6 where out of the game, watching and waiting until it would be there time to play.  not very fun for a multi-player game.  The graphics were simplistic, along with the controls, this was not a genre defining game.  A few rounds later, we were again ushered off the bus, picking up our Razer snap band at the door (Ooh!).

Next stop.  Alien Isolation.