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Eurogamer Rezzed #EGX (Part 2)

posted 6 Apr 2014, 05:09 by Daniel Woods
A quick check of the map and I was able to find the Alien Isolation booth, hiding directly behind the Razer bus.  I needed to get there before the crowd's arrived.  Three format's were made available.  Xbox, PlayStation and PC.  Naturally I opted for the PC version.  5-10 minutes later I was sat down in front of a computer with an Xbox pad.  A video intro set up the scene and covered the basics of gameplay, in the style of the old 80's video's that the older generation can appreciate.

The game started in long, narrow, corridor.   No explanation to how you got there other than you are Amanda Ripley and volunteered to recover the black box from the Nostromo.   Proceeding forward I entered a control room of some sort.  The great unknown loomed beyond the large windows.  I took a closer look at one of the windows to see that it was cracked and venting atmosphere.  Dust waved arpimd the window as the light revealed it's existence.  I decided not to hand around for too long, I definitely don't want to be sucking vacuum any time soon.

Opening the Tracker, as I progressed through the short demo, it blipped every now and then.  Picking up the movements of objects that strategically decide to fall over and a perpetual motion bird.  The level was very atmospheric.  Dust everywhere.  Gasses venting from walls, ceilings and floors.  Clunky buttons and footsteps.  The 1970's-80's style of the movies has been mimicked very closely.  You feel like you are walking through the spaceship Nostromo, from the original film.

The centre piece is definitely the Alien.  The great beast hulks and towers above you.  With light gleaming off his elongated cylindrical skull, swaying as he walks, hissing when he senses you and how he grabs you to snuff out your light---makes you naturally want to avoid him.  I got caught out by the Xenomorph few times, dropped to the floor, mounting me, his mouth opens, then pierces your skull with is rigid phallic tongue.  Blackness.  It's even scarier when you don't see him coming.

For what was on offer, the demo was a nice taster of what the graphics engine can do.  When it comes to the full game, I'm currently reserved.  It's you, pitted against an Alien.  You cannot kill it, you have to avoid it and escape.  Sounds interesting, but will it work as a full out game?  Can you go through the entire level without encountering the Alien, or will there be scripted events forcing your path's to meet?  Whether that be forcing you to make noise or the Director telling the Alien where to go based on the players events, we don't know.  For a game of this type, the showcase should have been on the Alien AI, not the graphics, a telling sign perhaps?

It was the #EGX game of the show, naturally.  All eye's are on this one, I just hope the hype lives up to the final release...