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Weekly round-up (2014/02/23)

posted 24 Feb 2014, 08:43 by Daniel Woods
Hi guys,

I nearly forgot about this weeks round-up.  I'm sure you'd all be very upset if I did. ;)

Anyhow,  on with the show...
  • The Kilrathi may have been defeated in the Enigma Sector by the end of Wing Commander 2 (#Kilvengeance), but there is still work to be done.  Blair get's enlisted in a Special Operations (#KilvengeaOps) group, while a Kilrathi colony rebels against the empire.
  • Blade Runner comes to several satisfying conclusions.  Yes!  Not one, two, or three, but four different endings are available!  However, there are several more ending available in the game.  Make sure you like and subscribe if you want to see them all!.
  • The co-op continues in Starbound as @themudpig and @WhiplashGames upgrade their way towards tier 1 armour and weapons,  in preparation for a fight against the first boss.
  • Sam Fisher takes on a whole police station in Splinter Cell.
This week see's the release of Thief, a remake/re-imaging on the original.  Really, this should be called Thief 4!  Reviews are already starting to come in and it's looking a bit mediocre at the time of writing (74/100).  I'll have something for you guys over the weekend, since the game doesn't get released in the UK until Friday!

Until then, game safe!