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Weekly update (2014/02/10)

posted 10 Feb 2014, 15:58 by Daniel Woods
Hi guys,

A slightly later update, but I can promise good things ahead.  But before that, take a look at what you may have missed last week...

It may have just been a week but we are over half way through the Wing Commander 2 Let's Play with EP's 1 - 16 available.  With 2 episodes per day, this will be finished by the end of this week.  So be sure not to miss it!

Act 3 of Blade Runner (PC) Let's Play heat's up, with McCoy finding himself in a sticky situation.  And that's not just because of the Hotel carpets.  Check the Blade Runner Play List to catch EP's 11 - 18.

What about this week?
Splinter Cell!
Starbound with centaurianmudpig and Whiplash!

I'm particularly looking forward to the collaboration with Whiplash in Starbound.  He is a fellow LP'er, check out his YouTube channel here.

Until next time, game safe!